Spectrum of Broking Services

As professional brokers, we carry the ultimate responsibility to provide the highest standard of service, and in particular to:

Know and fully understand the nature and extent of each of clients’ insurance needs and discuss operational changes         likely to affect the scope and extent of cover.

Develop an intimate knowledge of client’s business, learn how their operations work and keep abreast of all new               developments or expansion within the organization.

Ensure that risk management/loss control/insurance programmes are properly geared to cope with client’s exposure in         both the long and the short terms, and recommend improvements some of which may minimize insurance costs.

Keep ourself informed of any development in the insurance market (both local and overseas) and general business trends,   particularly in so far as they may affect our clients’ business, by reading insurance, financial and specialist magazines and       circulars.

Be innovative in our thinking and seek to make Insurance/risk management beneficial to our clients.

Ensure that clients are fully aware of the ramifications of the Insurance Act and/or Industry Agreements, relative to scope   of cover and terms for premium payment.

Become fully involved in the administration of claims, without regard to size or contention, and monitor the progress of       their settlement to enable clients enjoy the value of their money.

Develop a renewal strategy with a view to accommodate operational changes, review uninsured risks, identify levels of      self-  insurance, and negotiates quotations commensurate with client’s claims experience.